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One-on-One Mentoring
Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring Sessions

Every teacher needs a mentor.

What does mentoring mean?

I am here to ease your burden, to restore your belief in yourself and your mission as a teacher, and to give you some practical, tried-and-true solutions based on experience and best practice.

Mentoring means you have someone actively listening to whatever is bugging you about your profession. Active listening means that we work to find a solution that you can live with--a solution that can give you the pleasure you need and deserve in your profession.

My website, www.eduMentoring.com, provides suggested solutions for your everyday irritations in the classroom as well as those catastrophic events that make you want to quit.

Mentoring is my passion. Having taught K-12 for thirty years, and struggled for the first seven, I continued to hone my skills every year in every way. I can help you avoid some of the pitfalls that cause many teachers to drop out of the profession. Of course, some may decide that they are not suited to the classroom, and I want to help those teachers also find their joy.

How does this work? Sign in with your email. I will then contact you via email, and you and I will decide the most efficient way to communicate with each other to address your challenges. I can make this affordable for you.

Check out the dropdown menus and the Teaching Strategies to see the various options for making good use of this site. I am here to help you improve the world of education and to find JOY in doing that.

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janet@edumentoring.com       970.765.8347

I promise to contact you within 24 hours. If you have an emergency situation, call or text me and let me know you need an immediate response. I will do my best to accommodate you. 

My goal for you: JOY in the classroom!

Warmest regards,


Teacher Mentoring - Classroom Motivation

Teacher Mentoring - Classroom Motivation

Teacher Mentor -- Classroom Strategies

Teacher Mentor -- Classroom Strategies

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